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Since our beginning we have focused on creating fresh, dynamic content specifically designed to be useful to the end user. Content Creation and Affiliate Marketing drive most of our business at this time.


From day 1 our goal has been to design websites that are fluid, easy to navigate, fast loading and stylish.
At this time we are at capacity for website projects and aren’t accepting new design customers at this time, 


In 1998 our first website was created and we have been focused on internet marketing ever since. In addition to one of our main sources of business, Affiliate Marketing, we also do on and offline campaigns in various industries.
At this time we are not accepting new marketing clients outside of our Affiliate Marketing and internal projects.

about us.

curious about our culture?

CINDASH ~ Our name is made up of letters from several members of our family and that is what Cindash Media is about. Family.

Unlike many companies out there who are focused on making fast bucks through any means possible, we have always believed that a business built by family and on family values, should carry those values through everything they do.

If you’re looking for a Black Hat partner, we are not the company for you. However if you’re looking to work with a partner that believes in transparency, open communication and trust, then we’ll get along famously.

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